FMS, which digitizes and automates all the operations of global freight Forwarder

Software that offers a digital experience complete as a freight forwarder and centralizes all your operations: rates, quotes, e-booking, tracking, documents, reports, and customers.

Diversify and grow your sales channels

Simplifies the management of rates and budgets

Automates your

E-booking and tracking in real-time

What can you do with Freightol Manager?

With Freightol Manager you will be able to settle down quickly as a freight forwarder digital and offer agility, control and transparency to your customers at the global level.

Your software is customizable and white label, to automate and digitize your sales and your operating completely.

How does your FMS - Freightol Manager?


We connect with all your suppliers maritime, air, land, and with your ERP.

Suppliers Maritime

Suppliers Air

Providers Terrestrial


Your business and your operational 100% digitized with your own FMS

Manage everything in your custom system

System · custom: add your logo, your negotiated rates, terms and conditions, and much more...

· Delegations and users: centralizes all of your employees, departments, and offices on a single system and have a global visibility to your company

· Reports: metrics and analytics for better decision making

Improving your relationship and efficiency with your client

· Prices and quotes at the moment (air, sea and land)

· Booking Online

· Real-time tracking

· Upload and download documents

· Gives access to your customers to be able to contribute alone

Centralizes all your suppliers

· Your accounts and maritime fares

· Your IATA and air fares

· Your rates terrestrial

· Your ERP

Discover why Freightol Manager is the perfect software for your business growth.